Thursday, June 24, 2010

Could I neglect this blog a little more?

Probably.  Please accept my heart felt apologies for not keeping you up to date on what's been happening in the Elliott household.  To sum up what's we've been doing-keeping busy!  We've had VBS, Swim lessons, Dance Recital(forgot my camera, sorry)school, visit from Grandma Susie and Papa Doug, yes, there's been plenty to write about.  I'm just going to overload you with pictures today, and I'll get back on the wagon with posting a couple times a week.

I kow the quality is horrible, I haven't figured out how to take good pictures in the pool area. She's on the end.

She's underwater.
We completely wore the grandparents out. 
First the White River Gardens,
then the Zoo
Oh look, Grandparents doting on their grandkids, imagine that!
Bry-D has had to work way more than usual, and one night the little guy would not go to bed without some Daddy time.
All a little boy needs to be happy-a stick,mud and dogs!
The best part of the yard is this side part that's always a little damp, even when we're not having daily downpours of three to four inches
Constantly making friends with the slugs, snails and roly-polies-YUCK!
Digging in the dirt together!
As for the dogs, they're the same-
I call Kaya "The Sentinel"
And Sadie "The Idiot"
I'm pretty sure Dostoevsky's inspiration for Prince Myshkin wasn't a dog, tho they do share a few traits.

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