Thursday, March 25, 2010

A pleasant surprise

Bry-D came home early yesterday.  He wanted to work on the backyard and garden so that we wouldn't have to this weekend.
Eliz kept telling him to watch out for her head.  Frankly I was more worried about his head with her so close to him.  Just before the first snow Bry-D bagged all the leaves and put the bags in the garden. The dogs and children tore them open. Which was fine with me. 
Beautiful mulch and some lovely dark soil.  Found really fat worms in there while we were turning the soil.
Makes me excited for May to come.  He also stopped off at the store and got Eliz a new bike helmet.  She was really shakey on Tuesday when she got back on her bike, so we put the training wheels on. 

I love how she loves to pose for pictures!
Lex has been going crazy for Bry-D's motorcycle since the first time Bry-D fired it up in the winter.  When I got Eliz's bike off the wall, he was all over it.  Yesterday when I put her old helmet on him, he had an ear to ear grin.
Then his dad really made his day by letting him ride his sister's bike.  When Bry-D took him off the bike he started pushing it around the driveway.  He is totally different in so many ways.  Eliz enjoys riding the motorcycle, she enjoys riding her bike, but the way his eyes light up at the sight of Bry-D's motorcycle helmet, the motorcycle itself, and even the bicycles is true love.  He has cars and trucks galore, and drives them around the house happily, sometimes requesting company and sometimes by himself.  He even makes the "vrrm, vrrm" noises.  Yes, I have a boy.

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