Monday, March 22, 2010

Since it's offically spring...

I'm getting my veggie garden plans ready. 

I'm so excited!  Last year I didn't do a garden, and I've decided that it's an offical must from now on.  I didn't know Luffa was a gourd, we'll try some of it green, since it says it can be eaten, but I'm really thinking of it as a Christmas gift/home spa sort fo thing.  I'm going to do a couple different types of tomato, small ones for Eliz and Lex to eat right off the vine and some for cooking and making sauce.  I'm making plans for my flower gardens also, although my daylilies didn't listen to me that there could still be a frost.

The Lamb's Ear isn't any better.

My beautiful Lilac has buds on it as well-last year I got three flower sprigs, I'm hoping for more this year.  It's raining today, and the predicition is for warm waether and rain.  That means lots of plant growth, yeay!

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