Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When things work out...

When office finally arrived yesterday, Bry-D was standing on my cutting table. Installing a second hook for my yarn baskets. He insisted on opening the box; when he did, he saw that the wonderfully cheap student version said specifically not to use for any money-making venture. So he called Microsoft to return what we had just received, and I got online to look for just Word. That was it, not the whole Office sch-bang, just Word. It's $300 for just Word! How in the world is that possible? So, as I recovered from my not so small stroke, Bry-D sat down at the computer and began to do...something. He finally got off the phone and told me that the help woman had shown him where to get a free beta of Office Professional 2010. We would have to register it(which translates into fork over da money) in 6 months, but still, that's better than not having anything for awhile. What a relief! Oh, wait, the dvd-r/rw is broke, so I can't get to my documents until that's fixed. It seems the only thing happening in our lives right now has to do with the computer. We need to get out more.

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