Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hi, let me re-introduce myself

I'm Peggy, the girl that writes this blog. I thought that what with not posting for ages, and it being the start of a new year, I'd tell you about myself.

For starters, I refer to myself as a girl because most of the time, I can hardly believe I'm ready to be out of high school, let alone be married with children- am I really mature enough for this responsibility? I suppose it's to late to be asking that question.
Moving on.

When I started blogging, it was because I knew I wanted to open an online store, and most of the blogs I loved had web stores that I loved, and web stores I loved had blogs that I loved. So I got on the wagon. I started out posting about anything, then decided to split into a crafty, business type blog and a personal blog. I saw the joy of an online journal through a blog, and felt that personal life and business promotion should be separate. Mostly for freedom of expression-the religious kind. If you're reading my personal blog and I'm talking about the love of Jesus and you don't like it, deal. It's my personal blog, this is who I am, don't read it if you don't agree with it. I'm one of those people that think some things need to be left out of business. So, I started Blu Butterfly as a place for personal expression. Then, I found out that I'm a really private person. I had no problem when I was just posting random crafty-ness, but every time I wrote something truly personal, or my opinion of a current event, I could never bring myself to post it. I had all sorts of excuses, and one was, who wants to hear my opinion? Just last week, I realised, duh, it's my blog, it's supposed to be full of my opinion. Funny how it took me months to figure that out.

So, 2010's blog resolution-
I will not be afraid to post anything.

Next, I have a beautiful husband, Bry-D, and two crazy kids, Eliz and Lex, as well as two dogs, Sadie and Kaya. My grandmother told me once that your children will become more important than your marriage, even though they shouldn't, they do because they take so much of your time. And I get what she meant. It's very easy to forget that my relationship with Bry-D is more important than Eliz's newest drawing or Lex's ability to get on his sister's nerves at not even 1 year old. Keeping Bry-D at the top of the list is work, but it's worth it. After all, without our marriage, we wouldn't have the crazy kids.

I also have just recently opened an etsy store with my sister. It's called Lee and Loren, a store with sewn toys for children. I have been working consistently as a seamstress for the last several months, it took me until October to realise that, though. Career Day in high school would not have found me saying I wanted to follow in Gramma and Mom's footsteps and be a seamstress. It just sort of happened, and I'm quite pleased with it, thought I've not printed business cards or given it a name-I work off of referrals. LeeandLoren started with a conversation between my sister and I about not being satisfied with diaper bags. We moved onto toys, and decided to stop just complaining and do something. This would be another area where keeping my priorities in order is my aspiration.
Sometimes I achieve it.

Sometimes not.

In conclusion, our computer crashed between Christmas and New Year's, and we're still loading things back on it, so, sometime in the next few days, I'll share pictures of what's been going on. In the meantime, nice to meet you!

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