Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handmade Christmas

I suddenly realised that all the projects I'd thought of for Christmas gifts, have to be done like, NOW. I had ordered these wonderful toys for Lex. Luckily, I ordered from kgw158 on etsy and he included two smaller trucks, so when Bry-D wanted to give Lex his gifts well before Christmas, we had those to satisfy Bry-D's need for instant gratification.

Lex loves the little trucks. He will actually drive them all over the house for hours. He's seen the other toys and really wants to play with them. Eliz does as well, and she keeps asking where her Christmas gifts are. I explained to her that she would remember her gifts if she saw them now, but Lex won't, since he's a baby. She still didn't like it, so I told her it's supposed to be a surprise, and she doesn't get to see her gifts because I want it to be a surprise. She found her store bought stocking stuffers-dress up jewelry, but I have some other stuff to make for her. It's a mostly handmade Christmas this year. I did much better this year than last year-I think next year will be a total handmade Christmas, which is exciting. Well, going to be late for church!

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