Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I must have needed a nap

I was falling asleep while nursing Lex(and yes, it was when he should have been drinking from a cup)so I thought, I'll just lay down, I have been up a lot at night lately. 2 and 1/2 hours later, I'm up, feeling refreshed and not sure quite what to do with myself. I remember at some point opening my eyes, thinking, I'll get up now, but then I blinked and the blink turned into sleep...so I was tired. I remember being a child and not wanting to sleep-for all sorts of reasons, some were silly and some were more silly. In college I did my best to never sleep, but it always caught up with me. Now, I want to resst, I value it, and yet, I can usually find a reason not to sleep. And now, as a mother, if a mouse hiccups down the road, I wake up. Lately it hasn't been the kids that have been waking me up, it's the dogs. 2 in the morning one of them will start whining, and scratching me until I get up and let them out. Kaya, the small one has been jumping the fence. I've decided to let her stay outside of the fence until morning, see if that makes her stop. She doesn't run away, she jumps the fence and come around to the front door. Which makes me ask,
"Why did you jump the fence?" Her response, I believe, would be,
"I got over and forgot what I was doing, so I came home. Can I go back outside Mommy?"

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