Saturday, December 12, 2009

Get a tooth, lose a tooth

Well, after eleven months, Lex has finally gotten a tooth in. He was very clingy and very cranky for two days, as well as very drooly. He was also really into chewing. Then I heard a funny scraping noise when he was drinking some water, and sure enough, like a little pearl, there were the mamaleons-that's the techinical word for those ridges on the teeth when they first come in. It's tooth p, which is a lower front tooth, so he's on track in that respect. And so, not to be outdon ein the tooth area, Eliz came to me yesterday and showed me that her tooth o, the tooth next to p, is mobile. Most children loose teeth between age 6-7, however, some start at age five. I suppose, since she started at 4 months, it makes sense that they are ready to come out. But this is probably about as painful as when she starts school-such a sign of growing up! I want to cry just thinking about it. She's only five and I already feel like I'm missing out, just because I don't play with her everyday. Oh, to be able to manipulate time and get more of it, to slow her down(which isn't going to happen, she's too much like me) Sorry, no pictures, I haven't been able to get Lex's mouth open enough for one, and Eliz refuses to let me photograph her mouth. So, I'm off to cry in a corner. No, wait, I can't. I have to empty my sewing room so that my dad can put in my new floors. Oh, Father God, help me, I have an hour! Well, so much for feeling sorry for myself about my children growing up!

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