Friday, August 28, 2009

5 senses and my mother

See- I think first of her black as a raven hair, how shiny and beautiful it is. Then I think of her putting on her makeup, the way she holds her eye shadow brush is the same as how she holds her paintbrush, that she uses the same precise, flowing movement for creating as she does applying blush.

Smell- The smell of my mother, to me, is not the scent of her perfume, but rather, a crafty, arty sort of smell. A mix of paint, mineral oil, and fabric. When I'm in an art store, I feel a nostalgia for home, and for childhood.

Taste- Fresh tomatoes, hot from the sun, and fried okra, mmmm, the yummy goodness of food straight from the garden!

Touch- Her hug, the cure for what ails you! Her hand rubbing my back to get me to sleep.

Hear- When I think of my mother and music, I hear the symphony, Broadway; Celtic, and hymns.

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