Friday, July 31, 2009

My my my...

Well, sorry. I've had to say that a few times lately. Please forgive my lack of posting. As I've said before, it's not for a lack of anything to say. Even now, I'm wondering where to go with this, because there are plenty of places. Lex and his almost crawling, excited sitting, and beautiful babbling? Eliz and her love of mud, dolls, and pretend play? Having my niece Tatum, aka, Taters Tamaters, start coming to our house three days a week? The upheaval of our home? I started with the Master closet and bedroom(which is still not quite finished) and went thru every item in there and gave it a home. or a resting spot until it's decided if we're having a yard sale or just goodwilling everything we don't want. This has lead to utter chaos in the rest of the house, b/c some things have a home, but the home is to messy to really put things away. So stuff is sitting, waiting for me to get to that part of the house. I could go on and on about my obsession with all things Japan, and how this influences life. For instance, I make a lunch for Eliz and I when our errands will cause us to be out of the house at lunchtime. I've been making bento lunches, which is a Japanese style of lunch. They can be very decorative, or just lunch. The point of a bento lunch is to be efficient, beautiful, and taste good. Some days I go all out, and some days, it's just lunch. We had fun vaca to Georgia for a cousin's wedding. Bry-D worked, so the kids and I hitched a ride with my parents, and my sisters and their families went as well. Then it was the weekend of the Brickyard 400(think that technically it's called the Allstate 400, but whatever) and we were at my folk's house most of the weekend. Lex had an ear infection, when the doc checked, she said it was gone, but he had a little fluid behind his ear, so he was susceptible to another ear infection. I think he's now gotten a another one. Ugh. Well, I still have more I can update you with, but I've got to go take care of house and family...I love them all, but sometimes, I wish I were four years old!

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