Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day at the pool

Sorry, no pictures, but there were some photo moments. We met my sister at Sahm Park, and got there before they actually opened. They were having swimming lessons and once I said, I'm from Greenwood, where's the bathroom-Tater was doing the potty dance-they were like, that way, and just walk around this way when we officially open to pay. So, we slathered lotion on, got our suits on, and it was 11:02. Shell had just gotten there, perfect timing, and the fun began. Wyatt-henceforth y@ - was solo, no friends, so Shell sent me to the deep end with him. I taught him how to do a good splash and he sent me down a slide with a sheer drop. He gave me no warning, b/c he thought I might not go if I knew what was coming. He said when I came down the drop my mouth was wide open. Thought it was purty funny, that he did. So after going down a few more times, I tried to dunk him-he's getting to big for me to beat up. Not quite sure how I feel about that. Then I saw Shell waving somewhat frantically, Taters had to potty. For some reason, Shell wasn't going to try and do a bathroom trip with 1 yr old twins, 5 month old baby, 4 yr old, and 3 yr old. What a wienie. I remembered to reapply sunblock on the kids, but forgot all about my back-I'm so red. Not bad, but I'm annoyed that I forgot.

I tried to get Lex to enjoy the water, but similar to bath time, he tolerated it. Well, he didn't tolerate it, he sucked his legs all the way up into his head, and when I finally got them pulled out and just had his feet in the water he whined. Definitely not a water baby. Eliz and Taters had a great time-all of the sudden Casserole came running up. Her day camp comes there every Tuesday. Shell said she was on the slide about to go down when she heard "Mommy! Mommy!" and then saw her waving. That was cool. Tater and Eliz followed her like paparazzi on Britney. All in all, a very good day-also very tiring for everyone. We have tumbling and dance tonight, as well as Small Group meeting here. And my house needs a little pick up done. This morning I let one of the dogs in and she was muddy muddy muddy. So I've got to get the floors clean. Ugh. I'm going to sleep well tonight. No wonder my parents were always so tired in the summertime!

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