Friday, May 1, 2009

Watercolor recipe and other how to's

It has occurred to me that people may want to know how to do some of the crafts I post about, mostly because I just read a how to about no-dig gardening that was really neat-not something I would do, but still cool. Anyways, I've posted pictures about three crafts, all really simple, and really fun. So here are the directions for each of those three.
#1- Rock Paperweight-
Rock-the size of my fist, or your fist, I guess
Paper-any paper will do, it's easier if you use lightweight paper, tho
Wax paper or some kind of work mat-unless you want to try to clean glue off of the table
Big Paintbrush

Mix glue and water, stir really well. Tear paper into pieces, and dip or use a paintbrush to cover paper with glue. Press paper onto rock, use as much paper as you'd like. If you are using a heavyweight paper, you will have to get it _really_ covered with glue for it to bend around the rock. Once you are satisfied(or just done watching the child cover themselves with glue) use the big paintbrush to shellac the rock with leftover glue. This can take up to a day and a half to dry, so keep it on the work mat and put it where it's out of reach.

#2 Rainmaker/music shaker-
Cardboard tube-ie, paper towel or wrapping paper
Various sizes of beans and rice
Heavyweight paper
Misc. decorating supplies-crayons, markers, glitter

Cut out 2 circles the size of the tube end, and tape one circle onto one end of tube. Use lots of tape to make sure the you don't spill the beans and rice-a pain to clean out of carpet(unless you have a dog that's a vacuum cleaner, then you just call them over and let them suck it up). Pour any mixture of beans and rice into the container. Different amounts of different sizes will give a different effect-heavy rain-lots of big beans(Lima) soft rain, lotsa small grain rice, etc. Tape the other circle to the other end, again, really well. Now decorate! I usually glue a piece of paper over the taped ends for looks, then decorate over those, but you do what you like.

#3-watercolor paints
4 tbsp baking soda
2 tbsp white vinegar
1/2 tsp glycerin(some stores you have to get it from the pharmacy, some stores have it out, it's used for all sorts of things, making lotion, stain removal, so you'll have to ask where it is)
2 tbsp cornstarch
food coloring

Mix baking soda and vinegar, after it stops foaming(which is a great sink cleaner, btw)add glycerin and cornstarch, stir well. If you've ever made Goo(cornstarch and water) the texture will be familiar. If not, check this link, it's great! Anyway, spoon about a teaspoon or less into small compartments-egg carton works really well, but you'll be tempted to use to much per compartment, then the paint doesn't really work(this is the voice of experience, not just an opinion)so be careful! Now add food coloring, and make different colors. Let this dry overnight.

So there are those. I'll keep posting about our crafts and I'll make sure to post how they are done when I post them. The forecast for next week is more rain, and I'm kinda excited about that. Indoor Fort Time! I'll be heading over to Sears and getting a couple big appliance boxes to use for that. Need lots and lots of duct tape for that, too. Happy Friday and everyone have a great weekend!

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