Monday, May 4, 2009

That's it we're going diaperless!

Well, so much for in-house fort week-it's supposed to be really nice all week. No, I'm not really complaining, just letting you know that we'll be making crayons and probably kaleidoscopes or pinwheel's this week. Or maybe mobiles for Lex. We'll see.

As for the title, yes, I've decided to infant potty train or Elimination Communication, or whatever you want to call it. I call it I-don't-want-to-change-poopie-diapers-from-a-table fed-baby. I babysat for my big sis, and she has 1 year old twins and a almost 3 yr old that's been resisting potty training. Altho her message earlier said potty time was going well. After one morning and two poopie diapers, my memory is refreshed of the stench. And I'm selfish enough, I'm not going to do it. Please, don't think I'm some over-achiever(trust me, nothing could be further from the truth) this has everything to do with my own comfort. I'd been seriously considering it, and I'd mentioned it to Bry-D, he was fine with it-not having to deal with yucky poop is worth a little extra effort for him. Michelle(big sis-aka the bossy one) and I had talked about getting together for two days in a row and potty training her kids, and I had said something to her about my interest in infant training Lex. Well, after tomorrow we have no where to go this week, so I'm going to start holding Lex over the potty and saying "Pss, Pss" or "Ugh, Ugh"(this is an oversimplification of EC, by the way). I have been asked to fill in on Friday @ my former workplace, and I'm already supposed to be working there this Saturday, so that may make things hard. I'm not going to ask someone else to potty train my child, or use cloth diapers if they aren't used to them. Unless it's my sister. Then, well, she's my sister, I'll be as unreasonable as I want to be. EC is a cultural thing in some places, and also Montessori, as well as being recommended in "To train up a child" which is my favorite book on raising children. Bry-D and I will have to talk about how it's going so he'll know what to do. He doesn't really like cloth diapers-to much contact with poop-but disposables really go against EC(I like how short that term is-that's why I use it)so he'll have to suck it up. Or as the rather appropriate saying goes, Put on his big boy undies and deal with it.

Here's a couple cute pictures of Lex on his movement mat.

The little booger didn't want to sleep, so I laid him there for a bit, he started sucking his thumb and laid his head down, so I moved him to his bed; he was still fussy, but now he's quiet. No, wait, he's fussing again. I think he's hungry. He may be ready for some cereal-lately he's seemed hungry even after a full feeding. Have to call the Dr. and see when his 4 month checkup is. Maybe they'll ok him to start some rice cereal a little early. Which means stinky poo. And that's what I want to avoid. Woo-hoo potty seat here we come!

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