Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How did I get so confused?

Okay, so now, instead of having the whole week free, we have something going on everyday! It's so crazy! I got my weeks mixed up, and today is the second to last MOPs, so I didn't want to miss it, Thursday I have to go to get an estimate on the car, and Friday I'm working(also working Sat) So, EC starts next week, please disregard my earlier statement as lunacy brought on by warm weather. And an over eagerness to avoid poo. In other news, the general rearranging of the house is going well, altho Bry-D wasn't thrilled(to say the least) when he came home from work and found a dresser in the bed of his truck. He rode his motorcycle, so his truck sat there all inviting and empty, so I filled it with the afore mentioned dresser(which is just huge). I called a friend, and we grunted and groaned the dresser into the bed of the truck. I was supposed to drive it to goodwill while she hung out with our kiddos, but well, we talked a bit, and I never made it. However, Eliz's room has been put back together, quite well, if I do say so. Now to paint it! And, yesterday I had a big surprise when I opened the gar5age door to let Bry-D and his motorcycle in...
She has never, never, been willing to sit on his bike when it's on, let alone ride on it! She was in the backyard when he came home-I've heard him hollering for her to climb on before, and usually she comes running inside to tell me Daddy's bike is to loud and scary. So this is a big moment. He had a huge grin, it only took him 4 years to get her on it.

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