Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday...waiting...not good @ waiting...

Well, tonight @ midnight the contract is up...if they don't come to an agreement I'll be seeing alot of Bry-D until they do. Not a horrible thing in theory, but he'll be all stressed out, and probably not real pleasant to be around. Not that I can blame him. He's hovering right now, b/c the only thing he wants to do is play his game, and he can't do that while I'm blogging. Finished my Easter dress, I sew so much faster, and still correctly, than I used to. I only made one mistake with this...I put the straps on wrong, not a big deal. Went to hell and back with the invisible zipper, if I would just remember to buy an invisible zipper foot, things would be easier! I'll post a picture after I shave my legs...there's no need for anyone to witness my stubble...Woman stubble...yes, that's worse than man stubble. Now I have to decide if I'm sewing a maternity shirt, the coat that goes with my dress, or one of my day dresses. I think I'll start with my freakish obsession...organising! I'm going to get the storage closet organised with all my fabric and whatnot in it. This weekend is dedicated to My personal clothing. This week will be dedicated to work stitching. Then, I'll chew my nails and open my shop...makes my stomach flip flop with excitement just thinking about it! He's back. He left, now he's back. Poor guy...what would he do if I turned the computer off?

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