Monday, April 6, 2009


JBPAC. It sounds important, doesn't it? Like some big corporation. You will never guess what it stands for, tho. Julie Bandy Perforing Arts Center. It's where the southside residing half of my family takes dance lessons. It's only been open for 2 years, the owner, Julie, is phenominal. Eliz takes a combo class(ballet, tap, jazz) and tumbling. I've been helping out w/the the tumbling class so that the teacher, Jen, can hold Lex :) She still teaches, I just do the heavy lifting. I've been helping Julie get her files in order, and I'm considering signing Eliz up for the Summer Dance Daycare. One day a week. Altho Eliz would prefer more, I may not be able to handle more. We'll see. I may never bring it up w/Bry-D, and that could be how I handle making that decision.

I'm anxiously awaiting this book's arrival. And, because I have no will power, I bought this book today. Altho I bought it from Pomadour24 on Etsy. I had told myself that I would wait another week before buying it, but as I said, I have no will power. At these for things like these. So, more fun stuff to make. I began organising my fabric. Wow. Check it out. See if you can find Lex in all that fabric.

And that's just my stuff. I've got four or more bags of fabric that I've inherited from Gramma Peggy and from my mom. So, I've got a ways to go. This has not made the choosing projects decision any easier. Which is what I thought it would do. As I look @ what I have, I think of so many things I want to do. I need more lists! That will solve all my problems! More lists!

I followed a link on a friend's blog today about produce delivery. I'm going have Bry-D check it out, see what he thinks. I think it would save me a whole lotta time if it were delivered. Oh, hey, that's another something to do-food, dinner, eek! it's almost 6! Whow, how did that happen?

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