Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Playing with my camera

I'm trying to decide what kind of picture to use for my profile for here, twitter, and etsy. I want the same one for consistancy, and I was thinking of using multicolors of fabric, or maybe the flowers that are just starting to bloom, but I can't decide. I'll just have to take pictures of all of them and pick one. I want to sew, I want sew, I want to sew! So why aren't I? Because I also want to take pictures, want to take pictures, want to take pictures! Not just for profiles, but of Eliz and Lex, the signs of spring, everything. Bry-D gave me a camera for my birthday/Christmas, and I want to play with the settings and things on it. Hmm. I'll sart with pictures for my profile, get dinner going, and iron some fabric so that tomorrow I can sew. Small grioup tonight, so I need to check the house to be sure it's ready for guests. Wowzers, I just realised I haven't put up the groceries! The milk is still on the kitchen counter! Think I'll start with putting up the groceries, then do pictures for my profile, get dinner going, and iron some fabric. See, I can be flexible. I'll post the pictures I take.

When I went out to take some pictures, guess who was unexpectantly peeking out of the ground? My peony!

I have two of them, one bloomed for the first time last year, and was promptly destroyed by a thunderstorm, and the other, well, I just don't think he's ever going to bloom. If he doesn't shape up this year, I'll transplant him next to his brother in the fall. Here he is

I'm worried about the bleeding hearts, they are going to get absolutely schorched if there's even a light frost. They are much further ahead this year than last year this time. I'm not sure worrying about it will do any good, because to quote Gramma Peggy Coupland, Mother Nature will do as she damn well pleases.
First Dandilion of the season!

This lilac is grom Granny's backyard(now Dad and Mom backyard) this will be the first year it's bloomed!!

I'll post pics of fabric and Eliz and Lex later.

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