Thursday, April 16, 2009


Looking at the pictures from my last post, I think that the new rule is no crafting in my jammies anymore. Or, at least, no taking pictures of me in my jammies. Well, I finished Eliz's poncho. It only took an hour, so that was nice. Well, it only took an hour the second time I did it. After I cut out both fabrics, I was looking at them thinking, "if this is going to be reversible, the hem is going to take a long time" And I set to work doing the hem! Once I had finished the hem(I even ironed it!) I realised that I had started at the end. So my seam ripper and I went into overtime. I used this pattern-

It's a Vogue pattern from the 90's, and I wasn't planning on making this till closer to fall, but it was necessary due to her unauthorised growth spurt. Eliz picked out her fabric-I had thought about just buying one from BoutiqueMia on Etsy, but Eliz said she wanted a blue one, and I knew it would be way cheaper to make it myself. When I told her to to pick another fabric, her first choice matched perfectly. I was impressed. Good thing I had started this yesterday, b/c she had to wear it-not quite finished(this is before the seam ripper) yesterday to MOPs. She didn't like it when I first put it on her then, but this morning, once it was all done she said, "Oh thank you Mama, it's so-o beautiful!" Here you go.

I have to say, I'm quite proud of myself for remembering to take pictures.

Speaking of MOPs, yesterday was about saving money. It drove home, yet again, my need for planning more and using coupons. I wish we had a big freezer! But to get a freezer, we have to have a shed. Why do we need a shed to get a freezer? So that we can put all the stuff that's taking up space in the garage in the shed, thus making room for the big freezer. It's not stuff that's useless-it's all the gardening things. Which reminds me of this morning, I saw a definite sign of spring.

Muddy rain boots. Spring is in the air, or on our feet, however you want to look at it. And I really enjoyed this video. I sometimes wish I lived in a musical. It would have been fun to be there for this.

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