Friday, April 17, 2009

A beautiful Day!

I have every window in the house open. & it smells wonderful in here. Went to a friend's house this morning, we played outside, and ate lots of Easter candy. On my way there I saw two Yard Sale signs. Told Chel, so we went together. @ the first yard sale I found some dinosaur tattoos in the free box, Chel found a shirt for Eliz, and then a plush Superman that looked brand new for $.50. Made her little guy's day. Eliz found a small dinosaur; there were lots of toys and kids stuff, just nothing I was really interested in. We went to sale #2-much more my kind of thing. Had a great vintage red bike, I didn't dare test to see if it still worked-if it did, I would have had to buy it. Lots of great glass decanters and bottles. A vintage mirror that would look great in the hallway to our room. Had to get Lex home, and I didn't have any $$ with me. Chel offered to loan me, but I wasn't sure what I wanted. Went back with a $20. Bike was gone, so was the mirror. I ended up with a bunch of glass containers. Some soda bottles, canning jars and then a few that are just fun. They are _very_ dirty, so I'll soak them then vinegar them.
The other day I posted a link to a video for a song called art. I love both the song and the video, and was inspired to make some watercolor pictures. But we don't have any watercolors. I didn't feel like going to the store just for watercolor paints, so we made them. It's really easy, probably the only thing that's not a staple item is glycerin. I knew I had some, so Eliz and I a good time mixing the ingredients.
Then we put it into an egg carton. I realised a little late we had too much in each compartment-it's only supposed to take overnight for them to dry-it'll be a couple days, I'm sure.Also realised too late that I'd put to much purple food coloring in one of them-it's dried into a plum color.
Basic colors, but the mixture is hard to stir

Finished product. The top row is where Eliz tried to make black. I can't tell if it's black or very dark green or very dark purple. The other dark purple leaked into the first blue, so we ended up with a very pretty blue-violet.

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