Saturday, April 25, 2009

More changes!

Lex has gotten his schedule all mixed up. He's nursing thru the night again, and his daily routine is a little screwy. He's been eating then going to sleep and then waking up to play. Which is not how we do things around here. So I've been working on getting him back to eat, play, sleep, eat play sleep. But the little guy has also gotten so darned interactive and cute, it's hard to walk away. Eliz is just as enamored by him as Bry-D and I are. Remodeling their rooms. Mentioned the changes last time. Eliz is 5 this year(didn't see that one coming)and her room no longer feels right for her, (to me at least. I think Bry-D is in denial @ heer age) so we've taken her bunk bed and turned it into a loft bed, and we'll be moving furniture around. This is all happening right at toy rotation time, which is convenient. She needs bins for her toys. I'm having trouble deciding what to get. I was really hoping to get the big dresser out of her room today while Bry-D was at work(he took his motorcycle)but so far haven't found anyone to help me load it into the truck. Ugh. Lex's room ahs never felt like him, but I saw a room setup on another blog that I think will do it. So more furniture moving, and then painting and staining furniture for both rooms. Then there's the MOPs Swap this Wednesday. Need to get up into the attic and see what to keep, toss and sell. Man, I need a nap just thinking about it.

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