Monday, April 20, 2009


I love change. In any form, I love change. Even the little lines around my eyes, indicating I'm no spring chicken, I love. Because change means growth(usually, even though it's not always good)and I don't mind getting older. Or looking older. It's gotta happen, otherwise, well, the alternative is being in the ground, so I've promised myself to never get upset over aging.

Anyways, Lex has brought some change, not surprisingly. What I'm thinking about today is the rearranging change he's brought. Things are being thrown out. This is a big deal for Bry-D, who hates change, even in it's smallest form. You bought a different brand of dish soap, why? What was wrong with the other stuff? did they stop making it? you didn't do it just to try something new, did you? We've gotten rid of our TV, a couch, an entertainment center(doesn't make sense to have it if we don't have a TV) and a bunch of electronic toys and the extra stuff that comes with them.

This weekend we took the lower board off Eliz's bunk bed, making it into a loft? I think that's the word for it. We're getting rid of the huge dresser/closet/bookcase she has and replacing it with a smaller dresser. I'm now on the lookout for a bookcase-let me know if you find one. This will give her more room to play. I'm going to paint her room and spruce it up some in May-June. Bry-D has a problem with this change-"you worked so hard on the pooh paintings, why do you want to paint over them?" I responded that I had always planned on repainting her room when she was 5(which happens this September, can you believe it?) And he just shook his head. Edna from the Incredible's said it best-

I never look back darling, it distracts from the now

I don't want to miss now, not at all. And Eliz is getting big enough to pick her own decor. She wants pink with sparkles, so that's what we'll do. Bry-D won't let me pierce her ears or put her in modeling, because he says she has to be able to ask for it. And she has asked for her room to be painted, which means by his standards, she can have it.

Our bedroom and closet are still holding things. Stuff. Junk. Miscellaneous whatever. That I'm going to throw out. And of course Lex's room with the musical instruments, and the closet full of fabric. I ordered some supplies for refinishing Granny's trunk, BTW. Pictures to come in future posts.

Most of this is because of Lex being here. He's been a wonderful catalyst for change in my home, and I love it. It would be wonderful to have him even if nothing had changed, but the bonus of extra change just makes it all more fun!

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