Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm blank

Huh. Odd, I'm drawing a blank. That means that either there is nothing going on, or I'm overwhelmed by how much is going on. Interesting.

So, since my last post, I've gotten not anything done for my sewing, but I've made progress in the keeping house area. I found the secret(for me at least) Get up early and start early. The sooner I start with dishes and whatnot, the more likely I am to get it all done. Which is nice. And, I have free time to work, but I've been playing, (i.e. eBay, etsy, Twilight the movie) more than working lately. Not intentionally, I just haven't found the right time for play after work is done. Which means no more play before work. If I'm going to do all the things I've said I'm going to do, then I've got to stop screwing around and get to work.

So, I'm cutting this short to go and work. Yay me! Maybe. We'll see how I do over the next couple of days working before I play. I may have to accept that for a little while at least, I won't get to play.

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