Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sleep, plus some fun with school

The Quilter has been coming over on Mondays.  We're hoping at some point I'll feel well enough for some shenanigans, but right now we're settling for a little time together and getting the kids school done.  Today she helped Eliz with her science.  Eliz has really loved her Chemistry and Physics this year, today was physics, I believe.  The "Try this" from her book had her balance an egg on a toilet paper tube that was centered on a metal tin, that was balanced on a glass filled with water.  She was supposed to hit the pan fast enough that the egg dropped into the glass.  Her first try, she hesitated and the egg broke on the table.  So The Quilter tried it.

After watching her Aunt rock it, Eliz tried again.  

Well, she tried!  Eliz usually does err on the side of caution, not something that helped her today.

In other news, since Sunday I've been sleeping through the night.  After Lex's State Competition on Saturday, I was exhausted.  I went to bed pretty early, and woke up once, just long enough to note that Bry-D must have been in the other room watching tv.  Then I rolled over, and slept until 6am, something that hasn't happened in weeks.  Bry-D had slept on the couch, poor guy.  He said I looked like I was sleeping too good to be disturbed. Sunday night, he slept in our bed, and every night since then, I've slept straight through.  I have no idea what changed, perhaps one night of sleep was all my body needed to realize, this is how it's supposed to do things.  Maybe I just turned a corner with getting comfortable sleeping with the expanders.  No clue, but I'm grateful.  I'm also worried about saying that I'm sleeping well.  Ah, well, whatever happens, I'll deal with it.

Choose laughter!

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