Friday, February 24, 2017

Migraines and other pains.

Ugh.  I'm writing this a week after the fact, because it hurt so much to look at a computer screen.  I had my first migraine, and wow, it was terrible.  White spots in my vision, my own voice made my head hurt. And I had to have the doctor point out to me that I should take migraine medicine, not regular medicine.  I'm a very smart person, my mother told me so!!!!

But, we got through it, we got a bit of school done, and now I know what that is like.  The oncologist wants me to come in if it happens again, since that's not a side effect of chemo.  I did some reading, and my personal feeling is that since it came on after 3 days of only getting 3-4 hours of sleep, it was brought on by lack of sleep and stress.  Though what could I possibly be stressed about, hmm...

I'm praying and praying for good rest and to never go through that again.  I don't even know how you rate a migraine, I mean, if it can get worse than that, and you've been through it, you are my hero.

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