Saturday, October 13, 2012

A sisters wine & painting party

I come from a long line of backwoods people.  I tell you this to explain why there won't be any pictures with low lighting, and an instructor, or a beautiful painting.  A wine and painting party with my sisters meant drinking decent wine for awhile, then heading down to the basement to paint the yellow walls white.
The Teacher is living in my Grandma's house, helping to fix it up so it can be sold.  And a few days ago, she took the ancient iron patio table and chairs to the basement, and sprayed them purple.  They look GREAT!  But the basement floor, well, as you can see, not only is it filthy, but now it's purple in a few spots.  And the Teacher is going to have to clean the entire floor, b/c if she just cleans that one area, Dad and Mom are going to figure out something happened, and she'll get in trouble.  She'll be scoring Pinterest looking for "Paint Removal" after we leave tonight. 

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