Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More party prep

Isn't A talented?!  I helped, but she got the hats made, then came over and finished embellishing them.  I have a big tin of buttons and a bag of feathers, A had made sme fabric flowers.  Everything came together beautifully, I think.
 Here's Eliz's hat, I'm going to hot glue it onto a headband, and put clips for the others.  I let her pick which one would be hers, then added stuff until it seemed finished.
I took Eliz and we made the multiple rounds to as many Godowill stores as we could.  Check out the white rabbit figure!! I was estatic that I found it.  The tea party is going to be in a meadow behind our neighbor's house, so I'm going to place the white rabbits stratigically, and have the guests follow the white rabbit to the party.  We picked the bright colored Afgans as tableclothes, and tried to find some fun bright colored pieces for the table decor.
 Love Goodwill for teapots, teacups, and saucers!
We've had so much fun preparing for this, I know the party is going to be awesome!

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