Monday, September 10, 2012

She's 8!

What does a girl do first on her 8th birthday?  Go for a ride without her booster seat, DUH!
 And practice her bike tricks
 While Daddy & her brother paint the leaning shelf Mommy made for their room.
 Such a hard worker!
 Until his sister parks her bike and walks away.
 He told me he was fixing it.  That's some serious thought he's putting itno this repair job.
 And then she helped.  I did too, but I'm the one that takes pictures, so there isn't any documentation of it.
 Then, at Eliz's request, we went bowling. 
 She got her first spare.  I knew there was no point in trying for a non-blurry photo.
 His ball kind of matches his shirt, cute.
 And another spare. 
 Wow, they are soo much alike, and not just in looks.  My boys, how I love them!
 Hehe, Daddy told him to do that.
 Yeah, he's a lefty.  Crazy man.  Once he bowled right, and did the best he's ever done. 
 Daddy's girl all the way.
 I don't think he could be cuter if he tried.
 So sweet, matching shoes!
 Ha, I think he gave up on tutoring hm and decided to just see what happened.
 Eliz felt that it was a great birthday, and we all had fun.  But she and I were really getting excited for this weekend, when she has her party.

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