Sunday, July 8, 2012

What did they do all vacation?

The usual.  They would get sent outside and come in and complain about the heat.  Aww, too bad when we were kids, we never got any love and sympathy for how hot it was.  If we had, we might have let them stay inside. Since we didn't, we told them, tough, we never got to play inside, so they didn't either.  Ah, the joys of parenting! 

They beat the snot out of that bird house.  But it always stayed together.  That's craftsmanship!
Big J drawing on the porch.  The two rocking chairs are prime real estate.
Lego's and Army Guys on the porch.  There are two ceiling fans on the porch, which makes it the most comfortable place to be outside, if you're not playing in water.
As an adult, I didn't see a reason to stay outside if I didn't have to, so most of my pictures are from inside the house.  Incidently, most of the inside picture are from around mealtimes, because that's when we let them stay inside.

The Quilter allowed the kids to play games on her IPad.  So much nicer than me!
Great Grand kids running and flipping in the living room?  Totally fine with Gigi. Grand kids never got to do that.  Hrupmh. 
Big J & Tater Tot taking pictures of each other.
I can't remember who they said the bad guy was, but they were ready for him.
They were willing to show how they died if they got shot.  Luckily, only the bad guys went down.
Phew, I'm glad Bonnie did this.  I had been worrying about who was going to mop the carpet for us all week.

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