Sunday, July 8, 2012

The day before the BIG SURPRISE

And the Nurse gives the kids What-For.  But that's at the end of this post.

Sunday we went to church with Gigi, and you can bet your buttons we sent the kids back to Children's church! Only a few stayed in service with us, and they did well. It was more of the same that afternoon; at least for the kids it was. For the Moms there were some covert operations getting ready for the beach; of course there aren't any pictures of that. 
Making paper airplanes w/The Nurse 
 Watching a movie
 Water fun!
 Boys against girls, plotting and planning.
How high IS the sky?
Look, it's raining!
 Now, I could be wrong, this may have happened on another day, but it was funny no matter which day it happened.  In general the kids were well behaved, but we did have one incident that is worthy of retelling.  The Nurse was taking a shower, when three small people, most likely, Tater Tot, Eliz & G-Man, walked in and left the door open while talking about...something.  The Nurse proclaimed, "SOMEONE is IN HERE!"  and got the response, "Awkward!"  and the kids left, leaving the door open behind them.  What you may not know about the Nurse is that she's the high maintenance one(don't try to deny it, you it's true) and her showers last WAAAAY longer than the rest of us.  So, she continues to fume in the shower, with door open.  Making matters worse, Gigi is convinced that since the Nurse has been in the shower this long because she's died or fallen or something terrible has to have happened, why else would someone be in the shower for THAT long?  So she has me check on her, I believe twice.  I'm nice enough to shut the door, however. Even after checking on her, Gigi still doesn't believe that this is normal, the Nurse just takes 20 minute showers.  I finally soothe her by saying, "I'm sure it will change once she has kids, Gigi."   And so, once the Nurse has finished her shower, she marches, dripping wet with only a towel on, into the living room and gives the kids a lecture on proper bathroom interruption behavior.  Which is basically, DON'T.  We, her doting sisters, found it enlightening and hilarious.  Not so sure the kids got much more than Super Auntie was MAD.

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