Friday, July 20, 2012

Making things a little clearer

Bry-D and I both wear glasses.  He has a small need for corrective eyewear, and I've been nearly blind since 6th grade.  So it's not surprising that Eliz need glasses.  But it was kind of a Mom Fail on my part.  She had her eyes examined for the first time last year, and they said she would eventually need glasses, but it shouldn't be a problem for another year or so.  As we went through the school year, she would constantly complain that it hurt to read.  Instead of thinking that maybe it was her eyesight giving her a headache, I decided she was making excuses.  And so we battled over reading. 

But I started to notice that she would read all sorts of big signs on the street and billboards, ask questions and seem to enjoy being able to tell what store we were in front of.  And it sort of clicked that she only read large letters by choice, and would sit and "look" at books, but not really read them.  Our insurance didn't cover a second exam, and if she did need glasses, it wouldn't cover them b/c of some crazy insurance thing.  So we waited, and I tried to be easier on her about reading.  She isn't nearsighted or farsighted, as it turns out, one eye is slightly nearsighted, and the other is slightly farsighted, so she has trouble focusing on small lettering.  Which explains why she said it hurt to read. I'm not sure how much I'll have to remind her to use them - they're new and exciting right now, but once that wears off, how often will I have to ask, 'Where are your glasses?'

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