Wednesday, July 25, 2012

H2O games at the Library

I know!  More play time at the library.  And yes, the library has long been in the top 5 of my favorite places to be.  One week we played Luau games.
A relay race,
Then they made felt lei's and decorated bags with felt flowers.

A week later we played water games.  Well, the kids played and I stood by and took pictures.

They were passing the sponge over and under, over and under.
 Pop the balloon by sitting on it.
 Lex insisted on picking his own balloon.
 It wasn't until this point that I remembered that I brought the kids' swimsuits.
 But there was too much to do, the balloon toss was on!
 But once their clothes were soaked, it was okay to take a break and change.
 Jumping on the balloon to make it pop.
It was hot sunny day and perfect for this kid of activity.  The water day was also a great way to end the summer programs at the library, sigh, we will look forward to next summer and more fun!

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