Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Steampunk Party

Almost a year ago I discovered something wonderful. Steampunk. GenCon was happening, so the kids and I were having lunch with Bryan and looking at the Cosplay people. There was a couple eating by us and they had the most amazing costumes. Top hats, bouffant skirt, goggles, I was hooked. Whatever “it”was, I wanted to be a part of it. So I approached them, complimented them profusely, and begged to be let in the club. The guy smiled and said,

“It's Steampunk.”


“Yeah, look it up. You'll love it.”

I wondered if maybe Steampunk was a band. But no, it's not. And it's not new, which really upsets me. Not b/c I want to be on the cutting edge, but because I have so fallen in love with this genre that I wish I had learned of it years ago. I could have done so many fun things with this!  Lex could have had a Steampunk nursery! I am galled at the thought of how many steampunk outfits I could have made for myself if I'd learned of this 2 or 3 years ago! Steampunk will be very mainstream in the next few years though. How do I know? Because craft stores and pattern companies are taking notice- Central Library's Summer Reading theme is Steampunk this year. And it's such a fun and very different trend, it's sure to be extremely popular.

Of course, I did what anyone does when they have a new obsession – I shared it with everyone. the Quilter and my Mom were immediately obsessed as well. Within a few months, my mother had decided she was having a Steampunk Party. Months passed, I worked on a Steampunk obsession; I read books, watched webisodes, listened to music, read about Cons & Steampunk people crashing Renaissance Fairs. Finally, May arrived, and with it, The Procrastinators Mad Dash of Sewing. I had almost finished my corset & top months before, but my skirt wasn't even started. The Quilter & I worked tirelessly on our outfits and my friend A's. The Teacher came into it late, but we got her fixed up.

This was one of the most enjoyable parties I've been to. Bry-D had not been very excited about it until a few days before, when he suddenly stated that if he was going to dress up, he wanted to look like Captain Mal Reynolds. This is a reference to FireFly & Serenity. Follow the links and join the Browncoats, but please, watch the tv series first, then the movie!  It may have been last minute, but his decision just reminded me why he's so perfect- no one else could love a geek like me the way he does.

My sisters were all at the party, as well as some good friends. Not everyone dressed up, but we love those people anyway. My parents set up a photo area in the basement, which translates to BIG FUN.
These aren't the "Offical" pictures, I can't seem to find those.
 See my well placed boot?
 Whatever the joke was that they were telling, it must have been a good one!
 Yep, just a normal sister photo shoot.
 Nothing interesting going on here, move it along!

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