Saturday, March 17, 2012

First time to Eagle Creek

We took the kids hiking for the first time today.  I've taken them for long walks through the woods, but this was real, actual hiking.  Like Bry-D and I did before we had kids.  We found deer tracks, which Lex didn't understand; he kept asking where we saw a deer at.
This is the hill we climbed- it was very steep, and of course had a creek bed with a foot of water and slime to break our fall.  Lex started out in a carrier, then started walking.  I'm proud of both kids, they did really well.  There aren't al ot of pictures, but we were there for a few hours, letting the kids roam and play.
Why, yes, yes they did pee outside.  And for the record, the big guy in khakis started it!
I had to help Eliz alot with her *restroom break*.  There wasn't much she could do to stop me from taking the picture.  She's not a Grizzly Jane, but we'll give her time.
Little man with his walking stick - just like Daddy!  Before we left for home, we stopped and ate the snacks I had brought, drank the last of our water, then got into the car.
What I will never understand is how my hunka-hunka-burnin' love was able to go off the trail for most of the afternoon and still end up back at the car in the allotted amount of time.  That's a very keen sense of direction.  The only things to add to our arsenal - kid sized gaiters.  It was too warm for them to have pants, but then, of course they had the prickles and twigs and such attacking their legs. 

Yet another sewing project added to the list!  Which reminds me, all this pinning and doing - I know I haven't posted pictures, but I've been doing my best with March Madness Challenge - I have an idea for the month of May, another Challenge, one that will appeal to everyone, whether they get in Pinterest or not.  I'll wait until April to tell you, though!

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