Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daily Tree

Meg had a post about this, and I've been wanting to order/make one for awhile.  Here's the link to buy one - they are well priced, I just knew I had the materials, so I made it.  Also, I didn't know exactly what I wanted the magnets to say, which ended up being the most difficult part.
 I found a cookie sheet at Goodwill, cut a paper template of the inside of the cookie sheet.  I already had construction paper and magnetic printer paper.  I freehand drew a tree the way I wanted it, then cut and Mod-Podged it onto the cookie sheet.  I knew the magnets wouldn't be very strong, so I used thin paper and minimal adhesive.
 It turned out really nicely, if I do say so myself!  A Kid's Day has several other styles to choose from, and it's probably somewhat higher quality magnets.  In all, I really like it, though I have an oopsie-daisy.  The cookie sheet has a hole on one of the short ends, and I meant for that to be the top, so I could hang it from the hole.  The hole is at the bottom, which put a kink in my placement of the Daily Tree plans.
So, another Pinterest March Madness Challenge Done.  I think I'm at 4, but the month is still young!

Update - We put the magnets on during breakfast, and usually 3-5 cover the entire day.  I'm considering printing out some others, but I haven't decided if that would be to much.  I'd like to add clip art pictures to the labels I have, since Tater Tot & Lex are pre-reading.

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