Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cousins and Mud, is there anything better?

The Quilter has a great screened-in back porch. It just doesn't have a ceiling. So we headed over to her house yesterday. The kids played, the guys worked, and she and I shopped and played.  At one point, The Deputy and Bry-D had to be gone while The Quilter and I were out, so the 13 yr old boy was left in charge.  He let Clyde and Lex outside, by themselves.

Personally, this is one of the best 'cousin' pictures ever.
Now, the mud doesn't bother The Quilter and I at all.  It's all the construction equipment that's out there for them to hurt themselves with.  See Clyde's boot?  He fractured the cartilage in his foot, so he's got another 4 weeks with the boot.  Notice Clyde's dress coat and shirt?  That's how he dresses himself each day - and usually insists on a tie.  If he doesn't have a clean Jacket, he has to wear a vest. 
That's the BIG mud puddle they found.  These guys a are almost exactly 9 months apart, so it's a good chance the shenanigans are just beginning for them.
Clyde roaring.  I forgot to mention, he doesn't care what kind of pants/shorts/swim trunks he has on, as long as he has on his dress clothes on top.  oh, and next week they're going to Florida, so The Quilter and I decided this was just a way to test the boot for waterproof-ness.
Watch this splash!
The Quilter printed out this picture and had Clyde give it to the Ortho Doc when they went for his final appointment.  Clyde asked her if the doctor was going to be mad.  She said Ortho Dr. laughed and said it was going on his desk.  When they left bootless(which by that point was totally mangled from the rough living it had done) the Doc winked and said, "We'll see you soon."  Now whatever gave him that idea?
Bonnie takes a more delicate approach than her twin.  Somehow I deleted the picture of Clyde laying in the mud while Bonnie tip-toed through the puddle.
So here's the ceiling getting framed. 
And here it is, dry walled!  My Dad is a true handyman, and when we called to invite him by, he and Mom already had plans.  Bry-D and The Deputy had a theory for why he wasn't coming by: he'd see all their mistakes and feel obligated to tear it apart and fix it.  Dad was all, no, no, I'm sure you did a great job!  Tell me when it's done, and I'll come by and take a look.

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