Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to have the best zoo experience.

Don't take your camera. That's it. It really is that simple. Halfway through our really great Thursday
trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, I remembered I had my phone, so that's when I started getting pictures. 

The cheetahs were typical cats, they refused to acknowledge our existence.
 This lioness was watching the elephants very intently when we walked up. Then she noticed lunch - aka Eliz - standing right in front of her. Seriously, that's the look she had when she was studying the elephants, then she stared at Eliz with it.
   This picture wasn't zoomed in-that's how close she was.  I really didn't feel very secure with the wire and a few feet separating us.  There's something to be said for big thick walls or even better, a TV!  She followed us around from one observation area to another, then she started roaring as she walked away.  I got a video of it, the kids keep asking to listening to it, though I get chills every time. 
Here's the big guy.  He was nice enough to look our way once or twice, but he seemed to be intent on napping.
 This Baboon was intrigued by TaterTot.  He followed her along the fence, imitating her. If she sat, he sat, if she walked, he followed.  I told her he knew she was a monkey, and he wanted to adopt her.  She was agreeable to it.
 Most zoo's give you this view of tigers.  'Oh, look at all the details, wow, that's a big cat.'  The Indianapolis Zoo's Tiger Exhibit is called "How close is to close?"  I'll tell you, for me personally,
 This is too close.  Again the security factor was completely lacking.  These cats are big and intimidating even, if they aren't interested in eating you.  Eliz's face when she turned around and saw that tiger sniffing her, was both hilarious and upsetting.
You hardly ever see the otters, but they were out, climbing, running and jumping.  They were also loud, which made me think that maybe it was feeding time.
 If I'm not mistaken, those are crocuses.  And when I see crocus peeping it's head out, or in full bloom, I know it's Spring.  So forget what Punxsutawney Phil said- according to these silly flowers, it's spring!  Everybody, break out your shorts and flip-flops!
 The front part of the Zoo is under construction, so we just had to stop and watch the machines work!
None of the kids fell asleep on the way home, which is kind of what I was hoping for.  What I'd really like is my own driver, so I can nap on the way home.  They did really well-it was the first time I didn't have a stroller for Lex, and the Zoo puts theirs away during the winter.  Someone asked me which animals wanted Lex, but I think he ran around too much, the animals wanted the kids that would be easier to catch.  Eliz surprised my by how well she took being seen as a potential meal.  She said, "They are carnivores Mama, and people are meat, so of course they would want to eat us.  Just like dinosaurs." 
Oh, my, how silly of me!

Don't forget, tomorrow I'll be posting details of the March Madness Pinterest Challenge!

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