Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Answering March Madness Challenge Questions

I'm glad people are asking questions, because I don't want you to think this is really rigid. 

To answer the #1 most asked Question-

Yes, absolutely, you can focus on one single, BIG change.  Let's say you want to turn this-
Into This-

Have at it, honey, and enjoy it!  Break it into simple tasks, pin the goal picture for each day and in the notes, put what single small thing you're going to do to.  You don't have to pin something that shows exactly what you're going to do for it, like buy paint or empty a drawer. 

The 2nd most asked Question-  I choose doing something each day because I'd like to be able to say I did 15 things from Pinterest in one month.  It's called March Madness because it is crazy to try and do something from Pinterest each day.  I'm someone that thinks you should

   Shoot for the Stars, don't worry if you miss, you'll land on the Moon!

No one is going to be hovering around saying, you didn't finish today!  

If it seems overwhelming, but you're interested, pick things you normally do, just do something different with it.  Wear that scarf you love, but never put on.  Always wear your hair up?   Try it down.  In an exercise rut, do a new workout.  Take the scenic route to work - just leave early.  always wanted to try coupons - try it!

Think of it as small changes to what you already do everyday, you're just planning them in advance, and letting other people in on the excitement.  I'm still working on the button for the Facebook page, which I plan on using to post updates on how I'm doing (or not) and if I feel particularly proud of myself, a picture.  Do the same, let's encourage each other and talk as we challenge ourselves to being radically different for 31 days.

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