Saturday, July 23, 2011

Father-Daughter Bonding

The house I grew up in has a tree swing, so of course, our house has a tree swing.  The kids are always asking me to swing them high, like Daddy.  Which I will never do.  My stomach can barely handle watching him do it, let alone shooting my children into oblivion myself.
 I will, however, make my children sick by spinning them on the swing. 
 She's learned that she can speed herself up or slow down by how she holds her legs.
 Run in a straight line, Eliz!  Run straight!
 She made it pretty far.  He likes to tel her to run as far as she can. 
 Lex vacuumed the sidewalk.  I guess he thought it needed it.
So that's how Bry-D bonds with his little girl.  Giving her brain damage and teaching her to be a daredevil.  Yay.

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