Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brickyard Weekend 2011

We had a great family weekend.  The Country Boy & the Nurse came up from Georgia, and everyone spent the night at my parent's house.  This made it easier to just relax and enjoy ourselves, not having to think about leavin, getting home & kids to bed, then up early the next morning to drive back 45 minutes.  Me thinks this is the new Brickyard tradition.  And now, the pictures!

The Country Boy & The Nurse brought their newest addition, Tink.  Whenever the kiddos got to be to much fun for her, she ran to one of the Grandma's-she is one smart lil' cookie!  Not that the ids didn't try to coax her off of Grandma's lap.
 We of course ate outside-easy cleanup!
 Check it out, W-guy is almost smiling!  And Casserole, well, she's always smiling. 
 Silly Daddy!
 Innocent Daddy.  Notice the smug, cat ate the canary smile?
 The Dynamic Duo-Lex & Clyde
 Another Dynamic Duo, Taters & Eliz-see the look on their faces?
 Clyde's reaction to goobers.  For those of you that don't know, it's soaked and roasted peanuts.
 The story behind this picture.  That swing has been on that tree since the night we moved into the house.  That's 20 years.  Gah, have I gotten that old already!?  Let's not dwell.  In all weather; snow, hail, thunderstorms and sun, Eliz nevers fails to ask my dad if he will push her on the swing.  Well, as is usual for her, Eliz was the first one up, and my Dad got up shortly after.  He told me he whispered, "I think we could go outside and swing, if you'd like" and she was at the door, digging through the shoe bin in a shot, "Lemme get my shoes!"  My Mom got this picture of the early morning Grandpa-granddaughter bonding.
  We sent the kids in to wake Country Boy & Nurse up.  I think we told them to go get the dogs.
They loved the courtesy wakeup call.
The Brickyard is one of the times when everybody is there, so my Mom always wants family pictures.  We all dress nice, get out all our cameras and click away.  Instead of posting the pictures that came out well, I'm posting the ones that didn't.  Why?  Because these are more fun!

Whoops, looking at the wrong camera, and I have no idea why Lex has his arm up.
 Awww!  If only the Student didn't have her arm in the way-such a photo hog!
 Typical-Mom's eyes are closed, Dad looks a little confused and Lex is fleeing the scene.
 Now, this may be staged, but it's entirely possible that The Mechanic said something obnoxious to his mom, which made the Wannabe Nurse pout, and Taters wonder what's going on.
 We did grandkid portraits for each family, and I love the shot within a shot for this picture.  Yes, the dogs are considered grandchildren.
 Seconds after this was taken, Zoey licked her Mama's face.
 Kay, so almost everyone is smiling, and I think the majority is looking at the same camera
 Caught W-guy trying not to smile, but Bonnie & Clyde did the divide and conquer thing.  Not sure what Casserole has such a problem with that she's making that face.
 Wait, which camera are we looking at?
 The moments before we try for the big family picture.  Mom directing..."Sit there, no there.  Right there!" 
 Okay, everyone, let's give the impression that we're a nice quiet family.
Hope you had a great weekend too!

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