Sunday, July 17, 2011

Man vs Machine

So, in the Spring we had Man vs nature, and this weekend we had Man vs Machine.  Eliz has moved on to a bigger bike. And Lex is always trying ride her old one. Which would be fine, except that Eliz's old bike is pink, with lots of princess decals on it. Actually, it is fine with me, however, this is not fine with Bry-D.  So, he started to give the bike a manly remake.  He took it all apart.
Some of it came apart easier than other parts.
 He really did work to get the pedals off, for a bit there I thought we were going to go to the store and buy a bike, but his sheer stubborn will won against the brutal strength of well-tightened metal work.
 He made sure every. single. princess. girly. decal was GONE before continuing.
 Sanding the pink off a bit before painting.  Begone evil girly stuff! 
 Poor guy had to keep moving his impaled bike frame around because the wind kept shifting so the paint was blowing towards the house and garage.
 We're on the lookout for black tires, handlebar covers, and seat.  However, it is apparently manly enough for Lex to ride simply b/c it's not pink and doesn't have girly stickers on it anymore.
The tires are totally flat so Lex can't ride it yet.  I think it's more neutrally girly now, personally.

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