Sunday, July 10, 2011

June 2011

I'm not sure, but I think I've got our schedule figured out. We joined the YMCA for the summer, and as Bry-D said after getting another text that we would be swimming until dinnertime, "You're really getting your money's worth" It's easy to do there!  Other than daily trips there, we've been to library each week; both kids are halfway through the summer reading program-Eliz's reading confidence is getting better and better!
 Pool bag in it's usual place every morning.
 I did get seeds planted, I'll have to get pictures of the "survivors" of Lex's rather vicious "weeding"
 They often look like this at the end of the day!
 I LOOVVVEEE summer programs at the library!  Free, fun, educational!  The Greenwood Library's theme is The Great Outdoors, and Marion County's theme is Science Odyssey.  This guy was going to all the Marion County libraries, his show was great!  Yes, he really did set things on fire. 
 The very close to the stage audience was enthralled.  Unfortunately, Lex wasn't in the mood for science, so I missed much of the demonstration.  Lil' booger.
 I have tried everything I can to turn these pictures, but they refuse to cooperate!  Snakes Alive with Snakehead Ed.  Eliz and I left even more excited about getting a pet snake.  We were totally shot down by Bry-D, but we'll keep trying. 
 That's a coral snake imitator-I can't remember it's name.  My phone died before I could get a picture of the 15ft albino Burmese Python, Melanie.  She was beautiful!  I got to participate-he asked if any of the women would admit to having a bad hair day, and I raised my hand(we had come straight from swimming-shocking!)I thought he would hand the snake to me, instead he put the Ball Python on my head!  I was fine with it, being the snake lover that I am.  I also agree, having a snake on your head would keep people from noticing how bad your hair looks!
Some of the activities we've gone to have been to old for Lex, but that has been fine with him-the libraries we frequent have great play areas!

 Of course, Eliz sailed the High Seas at our Church's VBS.  This is the Friday night performance of the kids' favorite song, "Jump, Jump, Jump"
 What do ya know, I got picture of them jump, jump, jumping!  The song is really catchy.  I think most every parent was singing it throughout the week.

And so, that was the month of June-very busy, but lots of fun.

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