Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 2011, so far

We went to Bry-D's brother's house for our 4th of July cookout, and I didn't get any pictures. We had a great time.  Eliz was immediately attached at the hip with one of the little girls there, and Lex loved all the cars and bikes. 
This picture represents a day of my life-it's an example of the most careful sewing I've ever done.  This is an evening gown for a Queen pageant.  The girl I made it for is 5'11".  I made the dress before she had gotten shoes to wear with it.  I told her not to get shoes higher than 3 1/2".  She got platform heels that were 5"(yes, they are beautiful, but they caused me some grief)So, I had a last minute  make-the-dress-long-enough crisis, which coincided with one of those days with the kids.  Sweet girl had to come and stay at the house while I sewed the dress. 
 Another library program!  Take Flight Wildlife Education.  Mark was great at keeping the kids interested while still teaching.  All of the birds he had were birds of prey, and he pointed out that the reason he can touch and hold them the way he does is b/c 1. they know him and trust him, and 2.  they don't know he's edible.  Let's hope they never figure out point #2!  This is Jack the Red Tailed hawk.  We got to see him eat a real dead mouse.  Disgusting, but also really cool. 
 This is a Great Horned owl, and I don't remember his name, but Mark kept turning in circles trying to get him to look at the audience.  The only bird that I didn't get a good picture of was a Kestrel, a small very very amazing bird of prey. 
 I don't remember what kind of bird she is, but her name is Guenevere, because he said that if he doesn't treat her like a Queen, she gives him what for.  To keep her happy while she was out of the cage he fed her a mouse.  I got some gross up close pictures of that.  Mostly just so I could say I did. 
 Ahh, pool picture!  Lex know that the pool is at the YMCA, and most everyday as we park he asks, "Go pool day?" 
 We went to a Remote Controlled Aircraft show at the Greenwood library.  All but one picture of Lex has him pointing to the sky.  I could literally kick myself for not getting a better picture of Bry-D!
 I stopped taking pictures when I realised i was never going to get a shot of a plane doing a loop.
 Now, that's a model plane!  They had some that were there just for looking, and some that they were flying.
 Of course, eventually, both kids wandered over to the playground.
 As usual, Eliz made new friends.
This week we have more of what's become the usual-swimming, library, playdate.  I really want to make it to the zoo soon, we haven't been but twice this summer.  Will do my best to update regularly!

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