Sunday, April 17, 2011


I was doing so well and here it is, it's been 8 days since I posted anything  And my back hurts and I'm upset by it more b/c it means I'm not pregnant and I want to be  But the pain hurts and I want it to stop It's starting to feel more like sciatica than monthly The dog won't share the bed Alexander is sick with something possibly an ear infection he's gotten up a couple of times and said his ear hurts He never does that We don't have any garlic for him Easter's a week away and the dresses aren't done I don't think I'm going to fit into my dress that's a bit to revealing but Bryan likes it That should be a sign not to wear it in public Going to plant an EasterGarden with the kids tomorrow Don't want it to rain But I need it to rain so the Bearded Iris survives being divided and replanted Bryan's coming to bed but I'm not sleepy yet The weather's been nice enough to line dry the laundry Reminds me of Granny Mullen When I was 18 Grandma Apon left my unmentionables on the line for Bubba the neighbor to see while 4 wheeling  He would run into the pond and you would hear the engine gurgling and him cursing while I hosed off in my bikini  Grandma and I would laugh in the heat  When I came back to Indy it was 95° and I had to wear a sweater I was so cold  My Mother in law is coming for a visit Spring is coming Going to have two gardens to tend this year Need to get our seeds started And I'm still not tired but he looks so comforting and inviting I'm going to snuggle up and dream about sunshine and flowers and tomatoes hot from the sun & straight off the vine

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