Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A sleep test for Eliz

For a couple of years, Bry-D and I have felt that Eliz wasn't sleeping well. We could hear her rolling into the wall, she talks in her sleep, she wakes up hyper, running around, climbing and jumping, and talk really loudly.  We've tried alot of different remedies, herbs, a new mattress, and nothing has helped.  My niece, The Quiter's daughter, was tested and treated for severe sleep apnea in December 2010.  As my sister would tell my excitedly about my nieces varied areas of improvement, I realised these were areas we were concerned fro Eliz.  It took me awhile to realise that we could ask for a sleep test for her, but I finally made that connection.  We went to the doctor-I love, love, love our pediatrician, btw-and she agreed we needed to do a sleep test.  That was a Monday, and we got an appointment for the sleep test scheduled for that Saturday.  Eliz was nervous, so I took picturesto try and make fun.

 Had we known they were going to color on her, we would have brought our own markers!
 Our tech was really great, He answered her many, many questions and kept it light and fun.
 Nosy Rosie wanted to touch, taste and smell everything!
This is halfway through-she had 16 wires/attachments on her!
 She was a sweetie throughout the whole thing, never complaining once!
 We agreed that she had Rapunzel hair, but better, since Rapunzel just has rainbow flowers, and Eliz had Rainbow colored wires.
 Even a finger thingy!  Two different doohickies in her nose!
Ready for sleep!  I honestly didn't think she would be able to seep with all that stuff, but she did.  The tech said that he'd be in a dozen times to put the nose things back in, and he wasn't kidding.  It was also freezing in the room, Praise Jesus, our friends the Doves loaned me a 40° sleeping bag, otherwise I wouldn't have made it.  I wanted to post this after we'd gotten results, but it's going to be at least a week, so I'll let you know when we know!

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