Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Now What?

The kids pulled stuffies made from socks(not made by Mommy), little toys and clothes out of their stockings
Daddy helped, since somehow things are always stuck in there really tight, probably an overstuffing issue, which I doubt will get better.
 Lex loving his big 'tuk', Eliz opening her long awaited scooter.
 Her bike is to big to keep in the house, and to ride around easily, so now she and Xander can chase each other around the house-he on his little radio flyer scooter, and she on her big girl decked-out pink scooter.
 Daddy knew what one of his gifts was-thanks to Eliz telling him the day we got it, but he was still pleased.  He's got his new robe over his shoulder, the one I'm wearing as I type this.
 And I got what I'd been wanting, the laptop I'm iusing now to write this post.

I didn't take pictures of Jesus' birthday cake, or the time spent with family-tho I did remember to take the camera, I never got it out.  We came home that night, after two family dinners and lots of playing and laughter, Bry-D and I understanding why our parents were always so worn out after Christmas, and the kids ready both to play and to sleep.  Eliz got her first real Barbie(Aunt Cheryl knows just what a little girl wants), Lex got a set of just-his-size tractors-a clever regift from his Aunt(technically cousin) Kris, in a few days I'll go get a Children's Museum of Indianapolis family + 2 membership, thanks to my parents & sister's honoring my request to them.  It was hard for my mom, who loves watching gifts be opened, but she did well.  All in all, a very good day.

But now that it's over, and the New Year seems to be looming ever bigger, I'm  wondering what next?  After putting so much into this time of year, how do I follow it?  We had gotten back into the habit of breakfast devotionals, thanks to having a Jesse Tree for Advent.  I want to keep it up, but what to follow it with? 

And what should my goals for this year be?  I write out a list of goals each year, and this past year I scrapped my lists and spent most of the year de-cluttering.  I have an organized attic, and garage, something that gives me a freakish amount of joy.  Only one room in the house, the ever evolving play/sewingroom, remains to be organised.  Perhaps I should revisit last years' lists and just use those?

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