Thursday, December 16, 2010

My favorite Christmas so far!

I rely heavily on other bloggers to come up with ideas for me.  That way, I don't have to think as much, and I like that.  So, when Kimba talked about Ann's great Jesse Tree Advent Devotional, my interest was piqued.  After I saw it, I was estatic!  It was just what I had been looking for, something to take the days leading to Christmas deeper, give Christmas much more meaning than gifts, presents, and decorations and music.  (I will say that I'm a Christmas music lover.  The last week of Novemeber is pure torture-I have rules in place to hide my additcion) Last year we didn't really have Christmas, b/c Bry-D was hurt.  I had been thinking for months that I wanted to make sure this year we established some traditions, and that Christmas didn't sneak up on me as it did last year.  So, I printed everything out, cut the pictures for the ornaments, and used red ribbon for hanging.  I got down our 3ft tree form last year, when Bryan was hurt and we couldn't have our regular tree.  Here's the set up-
Because of some of the daily applications, we needed a Nativity.  Or at the very least, a manger and a Baby Jesus.  I sent Bry-D a text that I wante dhim to help me pick out a Nativity, he thought I meant one for the yard.  A big, plastic glowing one. Umm, no.  Not my style.  We did get a plastic one, by Playmobile, but we promised each other that someday we would get a breakable one.  When it wasn't likely to get broken.  This gave us the opportunity to do something I'd heard of from other people-have the people of the Nativity journey through the house to get to the Nativity.
The animals go through the day unaware of what's coming closer with each passing day...                              

The Magi, who have now gotten across one section of kitchen cabinets       
Mary & Joseph, also in the kitchen, right now on the windowsill.    I imagine that they aren't aware of the close proximity of the Magi now, any more than they were 2000  years ago.
Joseph and Mary are passing the grass we're growing from seeds planted (almost daily)in remembrance of kind acts towards others.  Soon enough we'll cut the grass to lay on the manger, to make a soft bed for the Babe. 
My not-quite-finished tree skirt.  I think it needs more embriodery, I just don't know what.

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