Friday, December 17, 2010

Another snow day

Bry-D built a tunnel with Eliz, since the snow wouldn't pack well enough to make a snowman.

 Poor dogs, always on the outside, er, inside watching all the fun.

 The next day, Eliz & Lex played with the tunnel some more.

 Then they tried to do their favorite outdoor sport-bike riding.
 Didn't go so well.
 However, he's his father's son, and was determined to make it happen.
 Meanwhile, Eliz and I hung up our ice ornaments
 She called herself the Stop Sign Sheriff, and was planning on making sure all the cars stopped.  Then I offered hot cocoa and the cars were left to decide for themselves whether or not to stop.
 I find it painful to acknowledge the fact that very quickly, his footprint will be the big one, and mine will be the small one.

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