Friday, November 19, 2010

When Mama is sick, the kids will play with flour!

Lots and lots of flour!  Like many people, I had the stomach flu this week.  It was miserable.  The kids did really well behaving themselves, except for this.  It started with Eliz wanting to do an "experiment" that she had seen on Curious George.  You add different grains to water to see what dissolves and what doesn't.  This was fine, until I had to leave the room, and then collapse on the bed for an hour.  When I came back out, the "experiment" had turned into good ol' fun.
Eliz has been begging for snow lately, I guess she sort of got it.
 They looked like poor quality ghosts.
 She pointed out that she had put everything else from the experiment up, but to play with all the flour they had gotten out some other things.
I had her clean up, of course.  She started out sweeping it up with a broom, and after five minutes I had mercy on her and let her get out the vacuum.  I was back in bed at this point, but when I came out later, they were playing in the playroom, and the room was mostly clean.  Bry-D came home from work and finished the cleanup of the room and the kids.  I didn't let him be surprised by the flour, I sent him a few pictures from my phone, so he knew it was coming. Sweet guy that he is, he came home, rubbed my back, then shut the bedroom door.  He came in later and asked if I wanted to say good night, and once I was back in bed he tucked me in(without getting to close).  When I whined about not having any energy, he explained(because, yes, I hadn't thought of it) that I had thrown up anything that could give me energy, so what did I expect?  That's my man.

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