Monday, November 22, 2010

Small group Thanksgiving

We got together for our Small Group/Care Group Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  I took pictures until the food was served, then I shirked my duties as photographer.  I would have liked a few pictures of myself and my partner Nelson beating Bry-D and Scott at Euchre.  It was a great game, as Scott said, it you can watch it on ESPN, that's how good the game was.

 Bailey being attacked by Eliz
 Nate helps out.
 Lex, Casey and the teens observing the wrestling match
 Casey joins in, but I think he's sitting on Caleb and Bailey.
 Meanwhile, in same the same room, everyone chats and snacks, snacks and chats.
 You can tell Cori is upset by her face, she may not like me posting this picture...
 Abby and her favorite lady, Kristen cooking, or sampling?
 The line to write what you are thankful for before getting your food.
 The list of thanks
Most of the kids sitting and eating.

It was really good food, I do have regrets about my Sweet Potato casserole- the marshmallows committed suicide, and I really feel like I should offer to clean Chele's oven. 

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