Friday, November 12, 2010

My little workers!

I love seeing my children decide on their own to clean something.  Not because I'm relieved that I don't have to do it, but because it means they are learning that housework isn't a chore.  I just can't stand that word.  As a Montessori mother, I want to impart to my children pride in workmanship, independence, and joy in all activities. Montessori called regular cleaning skills Practical Life, and it's very true-I always remember when Jessica Simpson attempted to clean her house, and how ridculous people thought it was that she didn't know the most basic things.  I meet many people who, for various reasons, don't teach their children to take care of themselves, or their environment.  Once they move out of the house, these children have to fumble around and figure out how to do the basics, and poor Jessica is an example not of her own incompetence, but of a lack of training. 

 Paraphrasing the Bible, "No matter what you do, do it as unto the Lord"  When I think of being a mother and a teacher to my children, this verse means teaching my children that one way to show love to others is by taking care of them, and the place we live.  When we pick up toys, wash the dishes, cook dinner, etc, we are in a sense saying, I value you and your well being, and want the place you live to be a beautiful place to be.
True, we're not perfect or even great at this, but I keep my attitude in a place of, "Something is better than nothing, always aim for more."  It's the journey that matters so sometimes the house isn't anyhere near clean or tidy, and other times, I'm surprised at how it sparkles. 

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